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On a demandé à un Global Account Director...1 décembre 2021

Basic questions about revenue attainment and interest in position. Hiring Manager appeared extremely interested in current employers technology though he has limited technical experience. He was unable to answer more detailed questions about H1"s software and metrics used to measure success in role. The company is only interested in revenue. There appears to be a lack of processes.

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I shared my success and provided a brief, snapshot of my employer's technology stack. Moins

As an employee I can attest to the fact that H1 IS only interested in revenue. Being VC funded at Series C, revenue is important to deliver investor value, but that's because it is how you achieve investors investing in investments. Shill friend. Shill. Moins

As an employee I can attest to the fact that H1 is NOT only interest in revenue. Being VC funded at Series C, revenue is important to deliver investor value, but that’s a means to an end of healthier living and a healthier future. Our entire team fundamentally believes in the mission over money. Moins


Do you have children? What are their ages? Who is going to watch them while you are traveling? When are you going to have your next child?

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My answer was to each of those: by law, you are not allowed to pose those questions, so I will not answer. Moins

Illegal Questions


Quelle est votre experience á l'international pour les services aux autres opérateurs de télécoms ?

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5 années d'experience dans la meme fonctions chez un autre opérateur et j'ai travaillé durant plus de 20 ans avec des pays et des cultures différentes. Moins


Mostly situational type questions. Also about leadership style.

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Interview process was geared towards accessing whether I was a good fit, not necessarily considering my skill levels

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Hi! Are you still working at Telefonica? Do you know if there are any available positions? Moins


You are a Christian, right?

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By law, you are not allowed to pose that question, so I will not answer.


As perguntas foram bem exploratórias a respeito da minha experiência na condução de processos complexos de vendas de soluções e da minha rede de relacionamento nas contas.

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Procurei responder usando os exemplos dos negócios que fechei nas empresas que trabalhei; da forma como atuo na construção e condução dos relacionamentos junto as áreas de negócios e de tecnologia e no meu envolvimento em buscar sempre a melhor solução para o cliente. Também sobre como atuo na condução e liderança do processo junto ao time interno de pre-vendas e delivery. Moins


How old are you, anyway? Like me, you're older than the average employee. Would that bother you?

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An honest, but unexpected (and illegal) interview question. It was clear that age, and not experience or business savvy, was the determining factor in not receiving an offer. Moins

Acceleration Partners

Tell me about a time that you delivered bad news to a client.

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I used a relevant example from my previous role outlining an issue that I had uncovered, and then detailed the issue, my response and the outcome, displaying my management style and approach. Moins


How will you immerse in understanding the product portfolio and reinvent the way you engage the client

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Combination of formal product "Boot Camp" training; curiosity about what cool things Salesforce is doing at other clients to transform their businesses Moins

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