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On a demandé à un Transport Manager...27 septembre 2014

It was predominantly general questions...Why Decathlon? Why logistics? etc...

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I personally thought i did well and i responded like any other interviewee not arrogant at all.I was just bold and straight forward.Giving generosity as a reason to reject a candidate is plain unfair and unjust.I am not sure what does generosity have to do with working and how did they measure generosity? i was disappointed since they said they like me a lot but i lack generosity and said i should definitely apply back to them after 6 months. Moins

Decathlon is an company which we can enjoy working with sport mind... They pay is also very good with less pressure and inventory is the thing which is very important and which I can enjoy with inventory Moins


There are 10400 calls to be made in a week. Each call duration is of 10 minutes. A employee can work for 5 days a week 8 hours a day. How many employees were required to carry out the give task.

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43.33 approx

260employes makes 40 calls per day

Star Transportation

What I’ve done in past and currently where I’m working and what I’m hauling.

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Told him I have 20yrs otr experience hauled refrigerated foods, produce, General freight, air freight, and currently hauling hazmat in vans and tankers. He was blown away with h experience I’ve had Moins

Hazmat in vans and tankers

how many hours you can you work a day with out break

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used to working long hours

6 hours


- A time where you have gone out of your way to inspire or help someone - A time where you required the help of others to get a task done - A time when you have missed a deadline - A time when you had to research something you were unsure of Technical - Showed a diagram of routes and areas of traffic flow. Asked to calculate the flow at 3 locations from a matrix of traffic flow numbers from each location.

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I used examples from university and my time in the committee of the Photography society. Moins

Hi Could you please tell about the numerical and written report test a bit in detail. What are the questions in it ?? What type of numerical test is it SHL ? Moins

Metropolitan Healthcare Services

How do you handle a situation where a patient is yelling at you.

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See what has upset them first.

You need to calm down and not yell back at the patient handle the patient with care no matter what Moins


Technical question: What are the input variables when modelling with ARCADY?

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Circulating flow and Geometric data's (flare length, entry width, inscribe circle diameter, entry angle, approach half width and entry radius) Moins

Hi could you share what were the numerical and written report questions or structure. Were the numerical tests SHL type ? Your help would be appreciated Moins

(1) Practical test I driving, (2) Road Signs test, (3) Lagos state road network (4) Years of experience in monthly job and driving (5) the reason why you apply for the job

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check my engine and break system and extra tyres and order thing befor moving

(1) I was paste the driving test, (2) I was answer the road signs test and paste (3) I was answer the Lagos road network and paste the questions, (4) I have a years of experience there request for (5) the reason why apply for the job is to improve my experience and upgrade my skills Moins


Onde eu me via profissionalmente em alguns anos.

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Trabalhando na minha área de formação sendo mais especializado.

WSP (Croatia)

Most challenges in group works.

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How long did it take between the time of the interview an the assessment day? I've had my phone interview and it resulted in my CV being sent to the office and they would get in touch. Moins

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