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On a demandé à Full Stack Developer...11 août 2020

list and array related questions Basic sql question

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did my level best in 2nd round but not selected.

Can you share 2nd round question

aptitude & technical in first round

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MountBlue Technologies

Print patterns like Swastic sign, 2-D Array manipulations(Bit Difficult) and String manipulations.

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They will mail the exact date. The joining date is between 6-16 aug. The difficulty of 2nd round was medium. One question was a bit difficult and the rest were medium.If you are good at coding and regularly doing it then you can easily crack it. Moins

when is your joining??what is the difficulty of 2nd round?

what questions were asked in 2nd round?

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JATO Dynamics

Why did i choose to apply for JATO?

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I answered with I am looking for a challenge and to join a company that has a long term vision and goal and they needs people like me to join the journey and support them through the company transformation. Moins

Read my "Database Production Assistant" and you will realise how slippery, contorted, unreliable and mendacious they are, worthy of avoiding for aye. Moins

Thank you for your review. JATO appreciate the comments and feedback provided and are happy to hear you were happy with the outcome of the interview, even though the technical questions were a little difficult. Moins

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solve a problem without for loops

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How went the second challenge?

How was the second challenge?

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difference between null and void

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How much salary did they offer you?

Could you please tell us what can be the expected salary for 4-5 years of experience candidate. Moins

What is the salary for full stack developer and is this a good company to work as a fresher? Moins

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return true if array of size n contains a permutation of [1,n]

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for(var i=0; i

public static bool isPermutation(int[] arr) { int num = 0; for (int i = 0; i arr.Length) return false;//number out of range int tmp = 1 << (arr[i]-1); if ((num & tmp) == tmp) return false;// number was found before - duplicate num |= tmp; } return true; } Moins

var permotation = function(arrayOriginal, arrayDuplication){ if(!Array.isArray(arrayOriginal) || !Array.isArray(arrayDuplication) || arrayOriginal.length != arrayDuplication.length){ return false; } var dictionaryObj = {}; var sumDuplication = 0; for(var i=0; i Moins

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Given a formula (string) and a dict, replace each key that appears in the formula with its value. "CONCATENATE("#first_name#", " - ", 30)" { 'first_name': "Moshe", 'age': 20, 'status': "Done"} Result: "CONCATENATE("Moshe", " - ", 30)"

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column_id_to_value = {'first_name': "Moshe", 'age': 20, 'status': "Done"} formula = 'CONCATENATE("#first_name#", " - ", #age#)' dotIt(formula, column_id_to_value) def dotIt(formula, dictionary): answer = [] formula_list = formula.split("#") for form in formula_list: if form in dictionary: answer.append(str(dictionary[form])) else: answer.append(form) print(''.join(answer)) Moins

const formula = 'CONCATENATE("#first_name#", " - ", #age#)' const obj = { "first_name" : "Moshe", "age" : 30, "status" : "done" }; const replace = (formula, obj)=> { const strArr = formula.split(','); for(const [i, section] of strArr.entries()) { const result = section.match(/#.+#/ig); if(result) { const removeAt = section.split('#')[1] strArr[i] = section.replace(result[0], obj[removeAt]); } } return strArr.join(''); } console.log(replace(formula, obj)) Moins

def calculate_for_row(formula, column_id_to_value): result = [] replaced_last_part = False new_formula_parts = formula.split('#') for index, part in enumerate(new_formula_parts): if part in column_id_to_value: result.append(str(column_id_to_value[part])) replaced_last_part = True else: if index > 0 and not replaced_last_part: result.append('#') result.append(part) replaced_last_part = False parse(''.join(result)) def parse(formula): print(formula) column_id_to_value = {'first_name': "Moshe", 'age': 20, 'status': "Done"} formula = 'CONCATENATE("#first_name#", " - ", #age#)' calculate_for_row(formula, column_id_to_value) Moins

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How to print numbers from 0 to n without using a loop?

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using recursion was my answer, make a function that calls itself with a stop condition Moins



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They always start with: Why would you like to work with us?

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"It is very confuse they want a Country who speak Chinese but also native on English." wut Moins

"It is very confuse they want a Country who speak Chinese but also native on English." wut Moins

I also applied Full Stack Developer (No Japanese Required) Interview on my country. I found that LINE interview is good for fresh student because their technical question is not practical and quite look like my master degree homework question about the theory in I/O, network. I had 15 years+ experience in IT and 10 years in development cross-thought dataware house, ETL, windows, web, frontend, backend experience. But LINE doesn't focus on how's my experience can be contribute to their company, but just keep asking me question of (How to do), (What to do) brabrabrab to their product. Although they doesn't need to know Japanese, but they require the applicant have native level English. It is very confuse they want a Country who speak Chinese but also native on English. Moins


Have you used AngularJS?

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This is a yes or no question...

True, the questions weren't difficult, but after I admitted I had used AngularJS, but not Angular, the interview basically ended. Moins

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Envoy or ex-Envoy Full Stack Web Developer experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Moins

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