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Laminar (United Kingdom)
On a demandé à un Senior Frontend Developer...24 juin 2022

None since I never got a interview.


Why do you want to work at Consensys?


Can't disclose because of NDA, but they are all pretty standard javascript questions not leetcode kind of stuff.

Intertec International

Closures, Scope, Box Model, REST


What do you know about websocket


What's the worst bug you've ever encountered?


Describe a situation where you had to convince someone of something technical


Explain some ways to contact a remote server from within a React component


P: Que es Javascript P: Que es un reducer


Resume round 2 Question rather than being focused on the web core concept and developer resume based , were more focused on the devops like CI/ CD pipelines , docker and Jenkins. How to optimize ur CI/ CD pipelines ina project

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