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On a demandé à un Frontend Developer...26 août 2020

Easy quant and java questions

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How long do they take to announce results of quiz round?

As soon as you submit the quiz u will get the mail... May be if you get shortlisted otherwise i don't know Moins

Ty for your response. Do they confirm if I'm selected or not selected by mail?

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1. about 2. javascript typescript babel es5 es6 3. test driven development, unit-testing, continuous integration 4. react-redux, modern JS frameworks, JS closures 5. function sum(){/*add code here*/};console.log (sum(3)(5)(7)(3)()); // 18

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function sum(x) { return function(y) { return function(z){ return function(w){ return function(){ return x + y + z + w; } } } } } Moins

function mySum(val){ if(val === undefined) return val; return function(val2){ if(val2 === undefined) return val; return mySum(val + val2); } } Moins

var sum = (n) => { let result = n; const fn = (n) => { if (n == null) { return result; } result += n; return fn; } return fn; } Moins

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Experiences in angular and bootstrap

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Only that's been asked ;) you even did not read the resume.

Thanks for highly interesting in my skills

Quovantis Technologies

Q What if I use var inside Contstructor function? function Person(firstName, lastName, age){this.firstName=firstName;this.lastName = lastName; var a = 5;}; What will console.log(a); print?

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It will give compile time error, as you are using a variable outside of its scope. Moins

I was not able to answer this


The interview followed a standard format, where an input was given, and certain outputs expected. The inputs were presented in a file on the disk. As a javascript engineer, this was awkward, as javascript is rarely used to read/write directly to the hard drive. Due to NDA, I cannot disclose the specifics of the question itself.

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I explained that although the challenge ideally required writing to/from disk for a "perfect solution", Javascript typically gets it's data input via HTTP, and displays its output via the browser, so that was how I would proceed with my solution. Moins



Build a custom UI and debug.

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There's quite an extended back and forth in actual interviews for questions like this, so nothing quite like real practice. The Prepfully Atlassian Frontend Software Engineer experts have actually worked in this role, so they're able to do an honest-to-God accurate mock, which really puts you through the paces. Moins

Do projects with a framework for your choice. Understand how to use the debugger and browser tools. Moins


Are you available to travel to and from the airport regularly (on a weekly basis)?

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I was not able to meet this requirement because of my current location.



Write a polyfill (fallback function) for filter method for arrays

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Array.prototype.myFilter = function(callback){ var filteredArray = []; for(var i=0;i{ return el % 2 === 0 }) console.log(filteredArray) Moins

While adding answer to this question it was added incompletely. Hence adding here again Array.prototype.filter = null; if (!Array.prototype.filter) { Array.prototype.filter = function (callback) { var filtered = []; for (var i = 0; i el % 2 === 0); console.log(filteredArr) Moins

EPAM Systems

In JS in an AND condition if the first part is false, would the second get evaluated?

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No for AND both conditions should be true.


What is CSS Specificity?

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It's a rule in CSS to provide priority of interpretation to blocks of style. For example, if you have a DIV element with an ID "example" and a class name "example", and in the stylesheet you have: #example{ background-color: red; } .example{ background-color: green; } The DIV's background color would be red, violating the natural reading flow of the stylesheet (top down), because IDs have higher specificity than classes, which could not override the previous style selected by an ID. Moins

It is used to give the styles to the web page

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