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Costco Wholesale
On a demandé à Front End Supervisor...7 octobre 2015

What are the 5 rights of merchandising?

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The five rights include providing the right merchandise, at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right price. Now repeat this out loud many times. Moins

The right item at the right place at the right time in the right quantity in the right condition at the right price Moins

Right product, at the right time/season, right price, right amounts of product needed and right display area IE: perhaps I level, right area in the store, right level for the customer too be able to reach the item and have items stacked on shelf correctly so all items can be seen Moins

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Would you have any problems with wearing the kroger uniform?

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I'm going to turn that question around, my DISTRICT has an appalling uniform shortage. Kroger needs to reevaluate it's uniform situation, I think that instead of company embroidery Kroger should consider non-embroidered plain shirts and make overall acquisition responsibility that of the employees. This method would be cheaper for the company and the savings can be translated towards employee pay and increase workplace morale. Moins

I honestly think the Kroger uniforms are great . Its up to you to pick and choose the brand of pants and shoes, the Kroger label SHOULD be pn your shirt, its showing pride and professionalism . Moins

Im wearing a suit, haha, i think i could handle a blue shirt and pants.

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Costco Wholesale

Percent of member that are executive.

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Gave a %, really didn't know.

The percentage differs by warehouse my building fluctuates from 45-48

Mine is 53 or higher

Costco Wholesale

Strength and weakness

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My strength would be always proving great customer service no matter the problem,my weakness would be genuinely feeling bad for a customer when I can’t go any further to help with the that problem. Moins

My strongest is member services and communication skills and weeknesses was Takes me longer to learn new skills. Moins

Total Wine & More

Describe a situation that you have to make a decision to make a costumer happy

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First let the customer vent and get out their side of the story. Pay attention to them and look them in eye, actually hear what they're saying, a lot of times people just want to be heard and feel their complaint is being taken care of. Let them know you will do everything you can to correct it and make sure they're taken care of. Proceed to fix issue or find a work around to make it happen, contact the right people etc...obviously it's all situational. But say coupon expired and can't be used and they throw a fit offer them a current promo usually a little lower but say something about to lighten the air. You want a customer to leave with a smile on their face because a customer that's had an issue resolved quickly and efficiently while doing it in a positive manner will have a repeat customer. Moins

I first apologized to customer for the inconvenient, listen carefully , proceed to fix the situation Moins

A.C. Moore

They wanted to know what kind of arts and crafts I did.

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Just tell the truth, plenty of people who work there craft. But a lot of people that work there don't as well. Moins

Dick's Fresh Market

In you opinion what are your strengths and weaknesses?

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I answered saying I had integrity and was reliable. I also said I could get distracted from time to time. Moins

Price Chopper Supermarkets (NY)

What do you do if I customer is unhappy?

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Apologize and do whatever it takes to correct situation, if it doesn't get a supervisor or manager. Moins

Costco Wholesale

How do you handle a difficult customer

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Listen Empathize Apologize Respond Now

Costco Wholesale

What motivates you? How do you communicate effectively?

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Training people new task, If i can help someone make their job easier by motivating and supporting. Seeing other excell in their performance. I communicate by talking to others with respect.Know the people I work with and what make them excell. Moins

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