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On a demandé à Front Desk Agent...15 juin 2017

Do you own a water bottle?

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That is horrible grammar.

Yes, I do own a water bottle.

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Marriott International

What 3 qualities are important to have in this position?

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Smile understand of othere and work together

Smile lm'a people person that love to help out. If l don't know the answer,l well get it. Moins

Precence of mind, Poilteness, Readybto take different challenges

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Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts

Why did you choose Front Office Department ?

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i chose front office as my career path because being in front of the area and dealing with the guest with a promising service and a memorable experience which makes the guest visit the hotel create a spell bound impression at the very first time and make him say WOW,being an effective communicator with immaculate attire and positive attitude with always a pleasant smile on the face and being hospitable is all you need Moins

We can intact with different kind of people, and we can learn lot

Kyuni Ki e to Mere paas 1-2 Saal ka experiance Hai... Cust Se aise baat arte Hain Aur Mujhe Har Tarah Se Cust Se Baat Karna achchha Lagta Hai....... Main Airtel Digital TV Me Executive Hun..... Moins

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If you can be an animal what would you be?

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Lion...fierce, brave , willingness to fight



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Hotel Indigo

Do you know Opera

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Although I have most of my work history in the medical field, this is a new opportunity to learn something new and I always like that. Moins

I lesson to Opera not as often but I enjoy it.

Yes i do

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Why do you want to work for Hyatt?

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What do you think you'll be doing 5 years from now?

I am looking for a job front office executive

I am looking for a job front office executive

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Hilton Garden Inn

Name one experience where you delivered exceptional customer service.

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Helping students of lower income providing all they need it at the start of the new school year Moins

Making available all information to parents to enroll headstart students

Making available all information to parents to enroll headstart students

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How do you handle conflict?

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I told them about a difficult customer I had once

Fast of fall apologies after that we asking about the confict.

When I reach to table. I apologise for that.after that I check at the confict.

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Wynn Resorts

Five panel ask couple questions tell me they give me a call if they like my resume got a call into days for a panel interview let's see how that goes

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What's your work experience

Have you received a call back?

Yes I got call back smaller group they ask us to partner up and get to no our partner and tell them what you learn about them than we had to tell them about a memorable customer experience than when everyone goes they leave room and come back after about20 mins and pick the ones they one to interview one one and tell the other they may get back to them at a later time Moins

Holiday Inn Express

Have you dealt with the public before

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With Respect,Positive & professional Behaviour

With Respect Because they’re our Guests

How do you handle dealing with difficult people

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