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Cactus Communications
On a demandé à un Freelance Science Editor...28 décembre 2015

Questions in editing scientific documents.

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:( Totally speechless.

Well... sorry cactus. That's not what it said. I think you just reworded it for your own convenience. Moins

Best wishes!

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Cactus Communications

Please edit this sample passage.

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Hi can you help me how did you edited the passages. As i sent them the edited passages but they said it were wrong so can you help me how to edit it and what has to be done in the passages Moins

How long did it take between submitting the first online test (10 questions on English grammar, etc.) and the invitation to take the following tests (more specific editing tests)? I received their email with my score on the first test (100% correct answers), but it's been a couple of days and I haven't received any information about the following tests. Thanks in advance! Moins

Did it take long to get the offer after they reviewed your edited passage?

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Cactus Communications

They sent an assignment to edit that was barely recognizable as English. I sent back my editing suggestions.

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This notion that you should be tested is BS... tests are for kindergarten ... my CV speaks for itself Moins

Agree with this assessment. Had the exact same experience. I have written for US military and NASA on the subject of electronics for many years. The edit I sent back was of quality that I would present to an audience myself. Got the same form letter, and am not sure about the reviewers at Cactus, and the sample they sent was in need of many many red lines to make it coherent. Additionally, my changes were to clarify acronyms at first use. UGH! Moins

The editing I sent back took me about 70 min to do. The page was completely red with edits/suggestions. This was truly bad writing, but I made it more intelligible and with decent flow (or so I thought). They replied back to say I had changed the meaning/intent of the authors, but weren't any more specific than that. I definitely disagree. It was a bit of a slap in the face; I've published many articles and book chapters myself on related topics. I suspect this organization is run by non-scientists/non-experts. Moins

Cactus Communications

Which of the following is a correct usage of the Harvard style?

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Hello, I don't have a solid answer for you, however, I, too, noticed there was no correct answer on that question. Frustrating. Also, the question regarding Chicago Manual Style with the various options on how to write it accordingly, technically had no correct answer either. Moins

I just took Cactus's test and there are several questions where there is no correct answer. Even with those, I am sure I got most questions right. I see a great disparity between the writing on their website and the quality of the test. The test unfair. Perhaps they hired someone else to write their website copy, because it is excellent, but the test is amateurish. Moins


How would you give feedback to a writer for whom English is a second language?

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I'd praise what they had done well and offer positively worded insights about one or two things to improve upon. Moins

I was contacted by Charlesworth and asked if I would be interested in applying to work with them.

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I was interested in learning more.

Academic Minds

What sort of editing/writing services would you feel comfortable doing based on your current schedule?

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I told them that I could only commit to editing at the moment because I had other writing commitments. Moins

Academic Minds

What subject matter do you specialize in?

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I told them how my specialization could be applied to a variety of disciplines


They simply asked me to email them and take a long editing test

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I completed the “test”

Cactus Communications

Editing exercise

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I edited

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