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Penske Truck Leasing
On a demandé à un Fleet Maintenance Supervisor...17 juin 2016

What makes you more qualified or a better choice than the other candidates for the position?

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I am not going to say that I am more qualified or better than any other candidate for the position, I will say that I come to work every day and give it my 110%. (gave examples of hard work and dedication to past employers) Moins

BlueTriton Brands

Prepare a continuous improvement presentation

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Presented on a project I conducted in a previous job

Jay Wolfe Automotive Group

How are you with dealing with union stuff?

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I feel like fairness and employee welfare is always important. The benefits of negotiating with a union both sets a standard rule for all members and perhaps keeps you from repeatedly fighting the same battle with other employees. Moins

Penske Truck Leasing

Have yoy ever been in a fast paced job environment?

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Yes. With my professional experience every position has been faced paced. (gave great examples) Moins

Ninja Van

Why do you choose ninjavan?

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Its a tech savvy company that can bring more experience thru out the career

City Furniture

How would you deal with difficulties when implementing new process ?

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Analyse process and process with new process in stages to avoid mistakes.

Supreme Energy

How much experience do I have in fleet maintenance

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over 25 years



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Republic Services

My background in Republic Services

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I had 4 years of experience with Republic Services.

Ahold Delhaize

main achievements

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