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American Airlines
On a demandé à un Fleet Service Clerk...26 janvier 2016

Why do you want to work for American Airlines

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Yes, you're hired on the condition that all your background checks comes back clean, after the face to face interview if your name was not called out to go out the conference room, you've been selected, but you still got a long process ahead of you, it wil take you anywhere from 3 to 6 months... Moins

Once you start filling all the documents for customs, that means you are hired, but the company cant make you an official offer because everyything depends on the background check, once you are cleared the will call you again for another set of fingerprints, every background check cost the company anywhere between $90 to $160 depending on the clearences the company wants, so they are already spending money on you, which they wouldnt do unless you have been not selected Moins

Hi thank you for replying. They didn't let us know if we were hired. First they had us fill out all the customs paper work/background check stuff...then we did our group interview. How long did it take for you to get your responce after your 2nd interview. I didn't make it for the fleet but i made it for customer service/2nd interview. Moins

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British Airways

Why do you want to be cabin crew and more specifically why BA out of all the other airlines.

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Thanks for your help.. any other interview questions?

Tell me a time when you didn't necessarily break the rules but had to bend them

Tell me a time when you delivered exceptional customer service and when then extra mile. When I gave an example they asked what made me do it Moins


Why Qatar and Qatargas?

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Company name Qatargaas

Family relocation, first class company

Envoy Air

Are you willing to work through any weather conditions they will say?

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Anything and everything to get the job done

Yes,I no have problems with this

American Airlines

Are able to work under pressure in a timely and safely manner?

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As long as it’s safe, I can work under pressure.

Was all the document etc for sida, drug, fingerprint done the same day. And were you able to do the drug test, fingerprint etc the same day or was it just the paperwork? Moins

American Airlines

Why do you want to work for American Airlines

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work for America Airline is one of the best place to work, the employee are so nice they have loyalty with the customer and I thing American Airline has a good reputation taking care of their customers and I will like to be part of that group. Moins


British Airways

What makes BA different from others?

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Hi, I just wanted to find out with regards to dress, did ladies wear heels and smart attire (skirt) ? Thank you Moins

Hi, In my opinion I would say deffo wear heels but there were girls who didn’t and still got to the last stage. I wore a skirt suit with a shirt but a dress looks just as smart! Hope this helps - good luck! Moins

British Airways

Why do you want to work for BA? Why do you want to become cabin crew? What makes BA stand out to you when flying with them? What do you think the main challenges of the job will be? Tell us a time when you provided excellent Customer Care? Tell us a time when you were under pressure? Tell us a time when you turned a negative into a positive? Tell us why you think health and safety is so important? Tell us a time when you have broken the rules & why ?

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Were you offered a job?...

American Airlines

Why American

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Is the fingerprint and drug screening done the same day or that a process you have to wait for? Moins

Because it's a stable company with good reputation


Would you be want to be a truck driver?

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When I answered 'no' they seemed put off until I explained work-life balance.

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