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On a demandé à un Solution Advisor...7 avril 2018

What qualities represent who you are?

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Certicate of company I work for

I have experience in Electrical maintenance engineer


Mostly techinical questions and it is very good if you atleast ask any employee already working and ask them to explain about there process

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What kind of questions were asked?

I knew what extactly they do and i explained them they were really happy with it and i got the job Moins

Employment Office Australia

What makes you the right person for this role?

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I described my past experience, skill-set developed over the years and passion for challenges ahead. Moins


How do you handle a high stress situation?

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when i feel highly stress situation,as i know there would be a problem which put me in such,my first step would be finding the reasons for the problem,then after my second step is finding a solution to it and finally simply applying the solution, to sort it out. Moins

Motorola Mobility

How will you expand the team, and what tech skills do you know?

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Must know all tech knowledge - Android, IOS, BB, Windows, etc. You must speak with a purpose, present from a retail level, to a room of IT geeks, and the CTO or CEO. Moins

Merrill Lynch

Random background and experience questions.

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I gave and explained my resume

A. Farber & Partners

Background, and work examples were asked

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Gave them my background and relevant work experience

Bank of America

Pretend your. Travel agent trying to sell me a trip keeping in mind you get paid the most money if I go to Hawaii.

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Asked a lot of question about what she liked or disliked where she been in the past And that I don't sell based on what's best for me but what's best for the customer Moins

Bank of America

What type of portfolio would you suggest to someone entering retirement. Low,med,high

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Depends on the clients situation. Typically anyone entering retirement should look and lowering their risk exposure. However, its possible to stagger their portfolio where 80% in bonds or large cap industrials and 20% stocks. Again everyone situation is different Moins

Bank of America

A real original question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Thriving and being one of the top 3 in my position with a clear path for advancement to the next level. That is my standard answer if I ever got asked that, I don't think people really ask that question now. Moins

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