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ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
On a demandé à un Associate Financial Service Manager...20 juin 2012

Tell me about your family background.

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I live into a joint family.

If you could choose one aspect of business that you enjoyed the most, what would it be?

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Personally, I love brainstorming and problem solving with other financial minded individuals. I am not one to be stressed out by multilayer company dilemma; I get excited, and thrive under pressure. Moins

Why you apply for this position?

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The position align with my goals and capabilities, so I hope I can learn much from the best environment. Moins

ISN Garage Assist

Why do you want to work for ISN Garage Assist?

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I am looking to progress my career and work as part of a family run business.

Westwood College

How many years I had in customer service jobs.

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I have over twenty years in customer service jobs.

London Borough of Hackney

Please tell us about a time when you contributed to the improvement of a service or function

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I went on about my various achievements in my previous roles where I had brought in additional one off and repetitive income, improved processes by implementing automated excel spreadsheets using macros and also mentioned a bit about me training non-finance managers Moins

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

Why I am interested to work with ICICI PRUDENTIAL

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I says that very good company and also customer as well as employees oriented company Moins

BMO Financial Group

What is being BMO?

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It is very personal, answer what in your mind.

BMO Financial Group

How would you face complain from a client

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find solution and team work, always smile


1. Tell Me about the Company ? 2. Accounts Related Questions - Accounting Standards (AS - 7 and AS-9) 3. Market - Crude Oil Price ? 4. Many Questions picked from resume itself

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1. Answers available stright from Companies Website 2. Specific to question 3. I gave a range ( Which was close enough to correct answer) Moins

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