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Northwestern Mutual
On a demandé à un Financial Representative...23 juin 2022

Why do you want to get into this industry?

Northwestern Mutual

What are you looking to learn from the internship?

Northwestern Mutual

Tell me about you and why you are interested in this opportunity


A made up client's spending description will given and you have to determine which type of CIBC banking services would be good for that client. Usually there is a list of clients and a list of banking services. You would have to match each client with the right banking service. Also, the interviewer will be play the role of a client calling you and you will tested on how you communicate with the client.

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The client will usually call about some random thing but the interviewer wants to see you at least try to open a communication about her banking experience so you can learn about the client and recommend the client a banking service that will help the client. Moins


What drew you to apply for the position?


Why u leave ur previous job

Northwestern Mutual

Tell me a time when you show exception customer service.

Northwestern Mutual

Who has had the biggest influence on you?

Fidelity Investments

The obvious: Please describe one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses.

Northwestern Mutual

Tell me about yourself/strengths and weaknesses

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