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WalkWater Technologies
On a demandé à un Business Analyst Or Financial Analyst (Consulting)...13 décembre 2012

Do you know what ERP is?

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Enterprise Resource Planning

No, I do not know much about it. I believe that it stands for Enterprise... something. - I was told not to worry about that. They will train me. The truth is, I do not have an IT background and I am not interested in a career in IT. I do not want to train in a new field that I do not have a personal interest. They never asked if I wanted to become a IT person. Moins

US Tech Solutions

Asked to fill out a poorly formatted form on email that included a question about my social security number SSN.

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I stopped replying to the recruiter.

I was asked the same question over the phone. Sounded like a scam, so I just didn't bother talking to them any more. Moins

WalkWater Technologies

Are you open to relocation?

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Yes I am willing to relocate.


My experience, what i was looking for

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I shared my experiences and asked a lot of questions related to the organization. Moins

Steward Health Care System

How would your peers/co-workers describe you in 3 words? Can you budget? How did you tackle the modeling exercise?

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was there a drug screening for u?

WalkWater Technologies

What is you Visa status?

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I am a US citizen

WalkWater Technologies

Do you have an IT background?

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No I do not have a background in IT. My background is in finance, economics and the military. I also have a MBA. - I was told not to worry about that. Moins

California State University

How does your experience apply to this job? Describe a time you had to shift your priorities to complete a task. How did you meet all your deadlines? They also asked about process improvement projects. Just make sure to know your resume. I made sure to have at least 5-10 examples from each job I had, showcasing my ability to managed my time, successful process improvement projects, and forecasting and analyzing financial statements.

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I was in the process of revamping A/P Automation and finishing up month-end. The CEO asked my department to prepare a costing for a new store we were opening. I immediately began working with other accounting professionals. I started assigning different reports, needed to compile information. At the end of the week, we met and finished the costing. As a result, I was able to meet all three deadlines while perfecting my ability to take lead in stressful situations. Also make sure you are able to explain improving efficiency (cutting time and costs). Moins


Online test questions cover Mathematics, Finance, Logic, Programming, and Email Etiquette. Math and Finance problems are mainly calculation problems.

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Math and finance problems are not common-sense questions, may need knowledge in derivatives, probability, linear algebra. Time is just enough for answering all the questions. Moins


Prepare financial statement for your previous company and explain the line items.

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What is the work as a Financial Analyst

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