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Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization
On a demandé à un AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION ADVISER...19 avril 2018

which course in agriculture did you major on?

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Horticulture with IT

Diploma in general agriculture

Diploma in general agriculture

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Medical Protection Society

Why are you applying for this position?

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I enjoy being able to help and advise people on the telephone to give a one time resolution to the callers needs , in a professional manner Moins

Asking the right questions , listening to the callers needs and dealing with the call to give an excellent customer experience Moins

I believe my skills and expertise will compliment the role , within the company

Lloyds Banking Group

What attracted you to this role?

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Good salry..and handsome allownces

Great copmany

Really need this job

Christian Aid

How could you monitor a succesful advocacy strategy

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Hi first of all we need complete our knowledge about environment and second step we need learn about other companies before them do same worked and Mark modification that's weakly points and third steps make strategy and finely make good team and give training to them and controlling work Moins

Describe a situation when you worked on a failed campaign

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Would you like to work with moms and dads or HNW clients?

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I personally preferred moms and dads as the help you provide them has a huge impact in their life and future financial situation. Moins

Was the advice knowledge assessment difficult?


everything was normal

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This is very normal, your origins in fact are not discriminated against whatsoever. It is the mere fact that you are a temporary worker, meaning you will be trained, you will get comfortable, they will invest in you, and you will leave. If you were here on permanent stay, I'm sure things would have been different. Moins

Yeah, I know plenty of permanent residents from very different origins who work there. Moins

What benefits are you entitled top pre 1990 injury

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I wasn't even born yet lol!

Can you give any other helpful tips or interview questions for this particular position? That would really help! Thanks Moins

United Nations

No really difficult questions. It is a competency based interview where you are asked to indicate relevant experience to the competency being assessed and occasional 'how would you handle the following situation' type questions. Reviewing the competencies and having specific examples prepared that highlight your capabilities against that competency will make the interview very easy to manage. Being able to comment on the context you will be working in will also help.

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That is good

That is good

Hampshire County Council

Think of a time that you have had to deliver good customer service to a difficult customer. How did you handle it?

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In a previous role, dealing with recoveries of salary overpayments, quite often I would deal with difficult/angry employees. I would: 1) Remain calm (never raise my voice) 2) Listen and empathise (not interrupting the person - be a 'punchbag' for them) 3) Answer any questions as clearly as possible - if I did noy know I would offer to find the answer and arrange for a specific time/day to call them back. 4) Offer solutions - including contacting senior management and directors. Moins

Literally work in this team and this never happened.

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