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determine how to deploy earnings between investments & dividend payout, what are some of the considerations?

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usual text book answer

What can you tell me about yourself?

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I didn't really expect technical questions about accounting/finance experience/skills because I thought it would be more situational. Looking back though, it's fair since they can ask anything about the job requirements.

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1) Why do you want to work for us? Can you thrive in a team environment?

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What did you do during your last work term as HR Assistant? Please explain how you developed your time management skills? In HR field, how do you make sure that you follow the credential policy? Tell us a time when you have to multitask?

What situations have you been in that involved the use of financial knowledge and what financial tools did you use to solve this situation. How do you ensure quality control and prevent mistakes and ensure high accuracy. A hypothetical situation is given, and what tasks would you do first. A bank rec and sample budget is given, identify any potential issues. Any questions for us?

tell me your experience with MS Excel. tell me your experience of working in a group, show how you communicate with your team members. how you manage multiple tasks at the same time.

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