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On a demandé à un Field Service Engineer II...16 avril 2015

How do you manage multiple problems in multiple locations?

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You triage based on proximity, customer temperature and severity.

FSE is just a beta tester, which is why customer temp is usually so high when product shortcomings are identified Moins

Varian Medical Systems

Describe multiple aspects of electrical safety.

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Lockout tag out, discharge static build up and capacitors, make sure proper and clean routing of wires, inspect for damaged insulation. Moins

Tokyo Electron

What is your learning type?

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I learn best when actually performing the activity and being involved in the task. Moins

Tokyo Electron

When working in a team, how do you deal with "that guy"?

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In my previous roles, "that guy" was never my responsibility, or gave more slack than I could pick up so I'm yet to have serious problems with "that guy" Moins

Sysmex America

Very typical interview questions associated with customer service. Keep in mind that this role is a customer facing position, and, as such, they are looking for a customer service specialist above any biomedical abilities. "give me a time that you couldn't perform your job; what did you do? How did you interact with the customer? What would you do if they were visibly upset? etc

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Always answer these questions with the customer in mind - Talk about good communication, follow through, empathy and resolution. Moins


why do you want this job

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i feel my skills suit well, i can benefit the company

Siemens Healthineers

Where do you see yourself in 10 years

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I answered that I would be a specialist in my position


Describe LTE architecture


During my phone-only interview with Craig "C" - I was underhandedly asked a question with a "friendly" tone which alluded to organized labor. It was designed to gauge whether or not I was in favor of labor unions. The question was phrased as "now, just as something a bit off topic, do you feel that a person working the same job but not doing equal work should be paid the same as the person in the same position who is doing more work?"

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I rather nervously - with an uneasy feeling - no. With clarification, of the question. Moins


Are you familiar with lock out tag out procedures?

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