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Emory University School of Medicine
On a demandé à Postdoctoral Research Fellow...6 mai 2015

Questions were mainly research specific

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I tried to answer as good as I could

Hi, the information you posted in helpful, however I would like to know what kind of research question did they ask you? Werethe question were related to your past research experience, the techniques that you manage, or about your research plan? Did they ask you for a specific technique? Do you live in Atlanta? If don't, they pay you travel expensives? Thank you so much!!!! Moins

I strongly depends on the person you interview with. When you apply for a Postdoc position you mainly talk to the PI who wants to hire you. You will probably also talk to people in the lab because you are supposed to work with them. I have seen interviews that lasted an entire day, including giving a talk, lunch, talk to potential collaborators and dinner. If you apply for a T32 position they may be able to pay for your travel expenses. So it really varies from case to case. Read up on stuff they are doing in the lab. Show interest, Good luck. Moins

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Ministry of Finance and Development Planning Liberia

Do you know MS Office?

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Yes, I learned that in School. I am a post graduate now

Yes, i know M.S office


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National University of Singapore

What would you do if you face more failures than successes in your work?

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Currently am looking for Singapore Jobs. If any opening for foreigners.

I do not explain our work for fluent english

I'm working Singapore

NYC Teaching Fellows

Why do you want to teach

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Ohhhh ok thanks! Good luck, I hope you get it!

I actually called them yesterday and I was told it would take a more few weeks my selection day was October 24th Moins

Hi, I'm just curious-what day was your selection day event? I went to the one on the 29th and I'm still waiting to hear back 😥 Moins

NYC Teaching Fellows

Before you enter the room for your personal interview, the selector gives everyone a card with feedback on their lesson and you need to redo the first minute of your demo lesson while implementing that feedback.

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I redid my lesson with tweaks to adjust for the feedback and then my selector gave me more feedback and asked me to do the lesson again. I redid the first minute 2 or 3 times. Be very open to the feedback and don't take redoing your lesson as a negative sign! Later in the interview I was asked how I felt about the feedback and I think it is more about being open and receptive than anything else. Moins

NYC Teaching Fellows

All kinds of questions about various classroom scenarios.

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The best I could, they ask questions for which every answer possible would be wrong. Moins

I too was not given an offer in 2016 after making it to the final round. I think they did me a favor as well. At least you were given a reason. I was told due to the amount of applicants they couldn't possibly provide anyone with feedback (but they should). My issue with the "Interviewers" in the classroom, was that there was no diversity. In this great city of many creeds, the selection process should include evaluators who represent the city (and schools) not just one race, and I think that's a real problem You sound really smart and I hope that you are able to share your expertise with youngsters who are need of good role models. Moins

Kaivalya Education Foundation

why leave what you are doing for this?

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I want to move out of my comfort zone and wish to explore the development sector more and find true meaning in my life Moins

Heyy, did you work as a fellow. What was the salary that they were offering?


How do you integrate yourself into an established team? What do you do when things do not go as planned at work? What does this job mean to you and how will you use your experiences here?

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I have to know to each member of my team and work with them, observe there work . Moins

I will get to know each person on the team, observe where gaps lie and use my strengths to fill those gaps. I gave an example about when things go awry for the second question--an example from work, directly related to the job. I described how my experiences relate to the job and talked about what my impression of what the job is. Moins

Teach For India

Describe yourself?

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I described my qualification, background and briefly why I applied for TFI

A friend to enjoy and a friend to teach&learn. For me it's not only educating you but it's us to get educated. Moins

Teach For India

Role play : a parent doesn't have time to attend the PTMs that you are organizing, convince her to attend in under 2 minutes

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Dear parent, your child has the ability to understand the concept easily. His grasping power is very good. Education is the thing which can change the lives. If you can attend this meeting you will get to know more about him. You will get know how he is doing well in studies Moins

Hi, I am glad to tell you that your child is performing well in sports but in the field of study you and I need to work together and I would be able to tell you what part you can help him with . Please try to attend the meeting . We can do video call as well . Moins

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