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If you had only 24 hours left on planet earth, how would you spend it?

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Establishing good communication methods with the next place am going too. Could be another planet.

kissing and hugging my wife, kids and loved ones

With my family, enjoying some Top Shelf Single Malt and the finest cigars in my humidor.

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How long did it take to anticipate the needs of my former boss?

5 réponses

Why do you want to work for Gateway Casinos & Entertainment?

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Not a question - but unexpected and disappointing that the interviewer had not even looked at my resume and seemed unimpressed throughout.

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If I had any questions about the position.

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Which area(s) I worked at TD/location?

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Please provide an example of a time in your career where you negotiated on behalf of the company and how did you handle it?

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Describe the management style that will bring forth your best work and efforts.

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What can you offer to the business

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How soon can you start? What are your qualifications? How can you make a difference here? What made you apply for this job? What do you know about us? What is the one thing you would change if you could while working here? How do you see yourself fitting into this culture?

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