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Not a question - but unexpected and disappointing that the interviewer had not even looked at my resume and seemed unimpressed throughout.

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Read first! You may not waste your time and mine.

I worked at Genalta. It is a true joke. They treat staff like children. No room for personal growth or individuality. Its cult like and their business mantra is based on staff "behavior changing". Don't bother with this company. The staff turnover is 60% for a reason. The other 40% have not yet found out how to quit in the policy and procedures manual.

I was asked to describe how I would go about booking travel for a team member.

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Questions primarily centered around how to manage multiple Executives' calendars and priorities.

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Tell me about yourself

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Explain what CCAC does and its role in the healthcare system.

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What age did you come to Canada?

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When did you come to Canada?

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Why should we hire you?

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