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Bridgewater Associates
On a demandé à un Assistant Trader (Execution Only)...8 mars 2011

Should torture be legal?

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it depends of the ev.... if with torture you get informations that could save a lot of people for example it's depends to how much you price the torture as violation of human rights Moins

If you said no, they would said something like "well what if you had a terrorist in custody and you knew that he could tell you the location of a bomb in a crowded building that would go off in 5 minutes. Would you think it's ok to torture to get the answer and save 500 people in that building?" If you said yes, it should be legal, well then they'd make you feel like an a-hole since you think waterboarding is cool and all that. Pretty great interview. Moins


How many countries have hosted the modern era Olympics? He didn't even give me a date as to when the modern era started.

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My thought process: Modern era must've been before WWII with all the Nazi Germany broohaha - so guess around 1900 olympics every 4 years, approx 28 olympic games some countries hosted multiple times - final guess 25 the actual answer is 22 Moins

Summer, winter Olympic?

a 10 by 10 cubes, which is painted on the surface. How many cubes are painted?

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What are two things you feel that you need to work on?

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Weight & moving


Most of the questions are already here, so I am posting the unexpected ones. What are the qualities of a good trader? What would you do if your supervisor told you about your poor performance in front of your colleagues? What do you look for in a job? Those are the questions you should think about before taking the interview.


Shark Tank style game where you had to make up numbers and run with them


Pitch me a stock

Ethos Consulting Group

Why do you fit this role well?


Previous experiences, and some knowledge questions

Bridgewater Associates

Do you think insurance companies should be able to access your genetic profile when writing an insurance policy?

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