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On a demandé à un ETL Tester...16 septembre 2012

Interview was pretty simple,good amount of basic questions were asked in the written test.

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exactly what did the mail from meenakshi says


meeenakshi never mailed me ...i have pinged people who mailed me((Piuyush)) .....on my office communicator..they told me meenakshi will get back to you... Moins

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Sql query: There is a table, called alphabet, a column in it as alpha, there are 6 rows in that column as a,b,c,d,e,f. I want to display feabcd in output

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Select alpha from( select t*,row_number() over(order by alpha desc) as r from alphabet) as t where r beteen 1 and 2 UNION ALL Select alpha from( select t*,row_number() over(order by alpha ) as r from alphabet) as t where r beteen 1 and 2 Moins

Use analytical function

select * from alpha order by case when id='f' then 'f' when id='e' then 'e' when id='a' then 'a' end desc Moins

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IDC Technologies

Questions were on MDM testing... Process was good

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Master Data management.. Explained clearly

Bank of America

Basic ETL process and some sql queries

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Probably the worst organisation in terms of interview process. Primarily the HR Anita Singh who forgets that a person has already been interviewed and cleared. Would you imagine i have give 4 distinct but same technical interview after the 4th interview my profile was set on hold and then I got a call again saying you have to give another technical interview and given that that interview also went well as per my answers i had reviewed i was rejected. Neither they had a good salary nor a good RMG team. Also, i could tell you these interviewers never ask a proper logical questions instead they just cram whats on google and paste it on their list. Poor experience i would recommend to not waste your time in giving interviews to such organisations. All my interviews went around 40-45 minutes such a wastage of time Moins


Mainly on SQL

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to be frank, i didn't perform that well

Hexaware Technologies

1. Describe your experience as an ETL tester

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Mostly I answered based on my resume


Questions was good on SQL,Unix and DW concepts. Below are some questions : 1. Difference in DM and ODS 2. Star Schema and Snowflake schema 3.Data verification process 4.Sql Queries a. Delete Query b. Duplicate Query etc 5. Union and Union all difference with the example 6. All Joins 7. Project description 8. Analytic Functions

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Questions was easy ,so have given maximum answers but I think interviewer looking for Superman :p Moins

Medsource Ozone Biomedicals

How to conduct various testing methods for ETL data transformation ?

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How to prepare various test scenarios so as to make sure complete ranges of user ETL requirements? Moins


Questions were completely based on SQL and that too very restricted to Joins and some DWH concepts. No informatica, teradata, unix related questions were asked.

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Qualified all round and most surprised to see the Regional VP was negotiating salary instead of HR and that too with much below minimum market standard hike. Typical Indian attitude when it comes to money. They(VP) represent themselves as a market leader to me during negotiations when they are not even in market. I will not recommended to those who are already in IT, this company is only good for Non-IT people who wants to move to IT sector. Turn down the offer straight on VP face. Moins

Tech Mahindra

Asked a question which was not relevant to the role.

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Clearly told them its not what i was expecting since its not my domain.

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