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On a demandé à un Epic Credentialed Trainer...3 mai 2017

They asked me about my training background

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Explained to them my previous training positions that I have held

Riverside Healthcare

How would you handle someone that is down on themselves about learning a new process or procedure?

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I would encourage them to be patient with themselves and the learning process. EPIC workflows are not the easiest to learn but over time your proficiency and accuracy goes up and once you have it, you have it. Important: If you get stuck or make a mistake, ask for help or put in a chart correction. Moins

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Questions asked to "describe s time when..." followed by requests for achieving success, confronting challenges, etc. They want to know the situation, task, what action you took and the (measurable) results.

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Know how to give STAR answers (situation, task, action, result) for every question Moins

Mackenzie Health

Give you a scenario about how to teach people to make a cheese burger.

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I told them I do not know how to make a cheese burger but I will learn myself first then transfer the knowledge to the learner. Moins

Encore Health Resources

how did i handle an end-user that was lagging behind.

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try to keep her on pace, if she is still not following will have to address after class. Moins


What interests you the most out of his position if you are selected: What an you bring to the trainig that would will hwloa us reach our our goals. If you were having issues, senior adminigement would like tokck the coursenty to be aware of aware of any issues.

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Many of the older personnel had never ysed a computer. I explained that theie many of the traieers were ub tge same position and they could pactice as lohg as it 00k for them to get the hand of it. I explained it was many people's first tije usiht a aystem and not to afraid or embarred to ask questiohs. Moins

University of Iowa

How much Epic experience do you have?

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I have 18 months of Epic experience.

UCLA Health

Tell me about your experience teaching/training adults?

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--strong understanding and skills with regard to adult learning theory --experience teaching/training a variety of adult populations (corporate, college_ Moins

Temple University Health System

Are you comfortable with working 10-12 hour days.

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None, was I available, had I worked in my app before. Did I understand travel involved. I am being generous here there questions were not regarding my skills knowledge or work history. I know people reading this are looking for work and we all need a job, but take my advice , RUN!

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I could fog mirror and show up where I needed to be , your hired! They have no standards and will probably be out of business next year, it is only a matter of time before all their bad deeds will catch up with them. And the clients will not want to associated with a company like this. Moins

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