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Explain a situation where a deadlock would occur.

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Two processes each holding a resource tries to access the other's resource.

Or you could forget to unlock.

There are 4 conditions from Coffman's: A deadlock situation can arise if all of the following conditions hold simultaneously in a system:[1] 1. Mutual Exclusion: At least two resource must be non-shareable.[1] Only one process can use the resource at any given instant of time. 2. Hold and Wait or Resource Holding: A process is currently holding at least one resource and requesting additional resources which are being held by other processes. 3. No Preemption: The operating system must not de-allocate resources once they have been allocated; they must be released by the holding process voluntarily. 4. Circular Wait: A process must be waiting for a resource which is being held by another process, which in turn is waiting for the first process to release the resource. In general, there is a set of waiting processes, P = {P1, P2, ..., PN}, such that P1 is waiting for a resource held by P2, P2 is waiting for a resource held by P3 and so on until PN is waiting for a resource held by P1.[1][7]

find out all the pairs in an array that adds up to a certain number

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Why are manhole covers round?

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We treat the interviewing process like "dating" You get to meet each other and see if there is any chemistry. Don't you agree with this?

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1. static variables?

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Tell us about yourself

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How many yellow cars are there in Waterloo, Ontario?

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If there are two pipes with air flowing in them. One has air pressure of 10 PSIG and another has air flowing in it with 20 PSIG discharge pressure. How can you know which pipe has the higher air pressure flowing inside it without using any instruments or scaling tools?

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Why do you want to be with NACG?

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