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We treat the interviewing process like "dating" You get to meet each other and see if there is any chemistry. Don't you agree with this?

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Not sure it's like dating, but this question and./or statement was made by several persons at differnt times throughout the interview?!

Really? Are these people for Real? Talk about International/Global companies (bla bla bla) you would always find the most unprofessional people in one of these. Interview is like dating? So the other one never picks up the phone to blow you off hahaha

Design a system to provide services to users / clients to obtain uuid .

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What makes you think you would be a good fit at Xandros?

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Do you have experience managing unionized staff

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When was the last time you got angry at a coworker and how did you handle the situation?

Explain your experience in the field, why you are leaving your current job, desired compensation package

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Asked me about my capstone projects and leadership roles/people skills required to successfully complete these tasks.

Give one example of a questionable/unethical workplace scenario and how you handled it.

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