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On a demandé à un Systems Engineer II...24 juin 2022

How in depth is your knowledge with Linux?

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Do you have experience with Active Directory and Exchange?


system design related question including coding


Tell me about a time when you took on a task that was not your responsibility.


System design, 2d matrix, Recursion problems (simple ones), debugging techniques, embedded protocols related, ARM architecture and coding questions (bit manipulations, arrays, leetcode easy ones) and C programming concepts.


Falar um pouco sobre meu perfil, dos meus pontos positivos e negativos, dos principais desafios e das minhas conquistas.


X of a kind cards

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Build binary search tree (including nodes), build program to make every third word uppcase


1. Managerial round. - Tell me about yourself - Describe on what you worked before. - Why we should consider your old company product t o buy. - How you will increase the performance of your team. - What inputs you will give to the other team to reduce the bug count. - What is your testing strategy. - You have given a product in what extent you cover all testing. 2. Technical round. - Couple of your old company product details. - How VOIP works. - What is difference between TCP/UDP. - How SIP call works. - How OSI Layer works. - about GIT. - UNIX networking cmds. - UNiX basic cmds. - How DNS works. - How VOIP call works. - Program to index of the repeated word first character. - Mostly things whatever its is present in the RESUME. - OPPS : what is abstraction and give me an example. - What is inheritance. 3. Vp Round. - Few logical questions. - How you will see you are fitting this role. - What is your strategy. - Tell me about yourself. 4. HR - Discussed about salary and other benefits if accept the offer.


Q: Tell me about one time when you screwed up. What did you learn from it?

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