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Partnerships With Industry
On a demandé à un Employment Training Specialist...25 juillet 2014

Very easy questions. Mostly they want to know if you have done research on the company and understand what the job really entails. Be ready to explain your experience and how it might pertain to this particular position. Also there are a few scenario questions about how you might handle problem clients or coworkers.

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Patience and compassion is the key! They need to know you are caring and reliable, that's about it. Moins

Partnerships with industry job coach Vons job work home from school $1475.

Albertsons clean windows partnerships with industry job coach home From work online Moins

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Did you have a mentor before

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Yes, named who it was and why I valued his opinions on leadership and other issues. Moins



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Nabors Industries

The three pre-employment assessments, which left me cold because I had not been forewarned. One was a psychological assessment, then a math skills test, the last was a spelling/grammar test.

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After all of the interviews and testing, no one ever got back in touch with me about whether anyone was selected. I have not received anything from this company and my interview(s) were 4 months ago. I feel that this is a very unprofessional way to handle applicants. Moins

Maybe you are crazy and don't know it lol

Maybe you are crazy and don't know it lol

California Employment Development Department

Panel Interviews and Oral examination

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Worksource Oregon

Tell us about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer, what did you do, and what was the outcome?

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A customer who broke my shoulder a while back came in grinning with anticipation for me to say anything that would give him the upper hand. I held my breathe, counted silently, smiled and completed their transaction. Unsaid words was in my favor that day. My boss complimentented me on my calm demeanor about the situation. Moins

I described an experience with an unrealistic attorney who had backed his car over his recently-purchased camera but whose signature on his receipt showed that he had been offered a product protection plan but had declined it. He began his story by saying...even before saying hello..., "I'm a lawyer". No, he did not get a free replacement, but I discounted heavily other high-markup items he had originally eschewed, saving him hundreds of dollars he had come to realize he would have to pay since his passion for photography had been piqued. We retained a customer. Moins

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Tell me why Employment and Training?

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I think that any service that assist the public with job Readiness is the place for me. Moins

During the interview panel they are actually looking for key words and then scoring you based upon how many you hit. I would recommend reviewing the position and departmemt/division to know what those key words are. Moins

Leads Employment Services

A lot of technical questions regarding your experience working with specific group of people; how do you think your education and experience will benefit our service, etc.

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Honestly i wasn't fully prepared for detailed job-related questions. I wasn't fully engaged either, so my answers were just so so. Moins

Working with diverse people , getting to understand them ( listening and speaking )to them patiently is the key factor, being empathetic and detailed oriented and result oriented i think i can first listen, understand patiently i think i am right person to be a great fit for this position . Moins

Atlanta Union Mission

Why take a job with this pay grade when you can be better compensated elsewhere?

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I have worked in Social Services with the Homeless population for many years. I found that working with people with many reasons for their position is very rewarding to my soul. I will always be willing to help any one Male or Female and especially families if I can. Moins

I have found that in most cases working with the population that I have served, the reward is just being able to help someone in need Moins

Lowe's Home Improvement

What if you encountered a angry customer. What would you do? Do you have any experience with this type of department.

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Kill them with kindness and find out what made them made

Ask if I can help with anything and find out what the cause of the issue is. If I can’t help with the problem I will promptly find a member of management to help them thoroughly. Moins


What would you do to assist someone with no paid work experience enter sustainable employment?

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In terms of employment; identify shortterm, midterm and longterm goals, identify training opportunities to prepare for volunteering, work-trials and employment and agree action plans, roles and responsibilities. In terms of the wider picture and sustainability; look at barriers to employment and how to overcome them to ensure the client is equipped to sustain employment i.e. lifeskills development. Moins

Identify life skills and talk through how they are transferable, identify likes and wants to identify appropriate roles to apply for Moins

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