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Vodastra Solutions
On a demandé à un Electronic Technician...9 mars 2016

Do I know what a pot is?

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Equipment Bay where circuits are terminated or cross connected in a C/O or Data Center Moins

It’s plain old telephone system, the incumbent phone company for that area.

POTS lines are Plain Old Telephone Like es. We always used cat3 for them.

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Rain Bird

questions about your resume.

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just talked about the basic electronics testing procedures i learned at school. It was an entry job so there were no difficult questions Moins

fool- you took the job, now you will suffer the wrath.

Regret your decision yet?

Motorola Solutions

Can you work mandatory overtime.

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MTS Systems

Tell me about yourself

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I'm a hard worker, quick learner, great team player, love to learn new things, I served 7 years in the U.S Navy, I love challenges, I love the job done right to high expectations. Moins

Summaries my work and education experience

Samsung Electronics

Where do you lived

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tell me about your back ground and experience in electronics assembly and repair

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gave the history of my education and experience


A lot of technical math problems.

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Was able to answer a lot of questions simply based on what i learned in university. Moins

did they give you a list of topics to review? because i have an interview for the same position this week Moins

a lot of my experience

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I answered all their questions base on my worked years experience


How you related to this job title?

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Nowadays, I am finishing my English course in Auckland NZ and I like programming. Moins

What are the most likely components to fail? What is the difference between bi-polar transistors and MOSFETS?

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Electrolytic capacitors have a finite lifespan of 10 years, Bi-polar transistors are current driven devices; MOSFETs are voltage driven. Moins

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