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On a demandé à un Electrical Technician...31 mars 2018


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transformer is a static device which convert to ac. electrical power one circuit to other same frequency but voltage lavel is change Moins

Aslamulikum sir, I'm Muhammad ishtiaq from Pakistan and doing job in Saudi Arabia last five years ago.I have good experience of electrical and fiber optical cable splicing. I'm aramco approve fiber optical cable splicing and testing fiber cable with ODTR Moins

No have any in new York

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Lödige Industries

what are your skills in this area?

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I have panel board wiring and electrical fault finding skills

every thing in electrical and electronics

Yes i am doing all type electrical work

Con Edison

If you needed something right now and you're supervisor is nowhere to be found what would you do?

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I would call his cell phone.

I would try to make a alternations first, such as I need an 500ohms resistor, I can also put two 1k ohms resistors instead of that. Of course, I have to report this to my supervisor later. But theoretically, this substitution solution is totally acceptable. Moins


I haven't completed the process yet so I'm going to fill this in once I've either been hired or rejected.

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Any insight on the bench test?

I haven't completed the process yet so I'm going to wait until I'm finished to answer this one. Moins

Lightning Electric of Central Florida

They mainly ask you about your previous experiences with other employers !!!

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I answered truthful because I knew these people they will get to bottom line


what would you like to do in 5 years?

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how would you deal with clients if delivery is delayed?


about the past job and what are your job description, and equipment and parts that you encounter to work etc..

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i answer right but still the interviewer relaying on the relationship favoritism so he just give me a small grade not in the line of my experience, Knowledge and Skills. Moins

Reyco Systems

What is the definition of Ohms Law?

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The process and equations to find the voltage, current and resistance in a circuit . Moins

City of Beaumont Texas

Tell us about your previous work experience.

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I told them when I started and what all I have been doing on a daily basis.

Job Corps

How far do you want to take your career?

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There is no limit to how far I can go in this field. I walked away with an uplifted feeling that gave me the desire to join, continue, and complete this section of my education and job experience. The instructors gave you a feeling of unity, team, and family. Personnel was GREAT!!!!! Moins

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