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Levi & Korsinsky
On a demandé à un Document Review Attorney...4 septembre 2019

Take me through your resume

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Apparently, you cannot read. Maybe we should switch side of the desk.

Chronologically explained resume

Tower Legal Staffing

Listed conflicts problems

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I had no listed conflicts

When was I available?

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Minimal interview. Nothing difficult or unexpected.

Xact Data Discovery

How much experience do you have with Relativity software?

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The interviewer wanted to know if I had prior experience with document review.

Special Counsel

Why are you interested in this position?

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I explained my qualifications and how my skills and experience could assist Special Council, Inc. Moins


No questions especially if they have a large project and need bodies to show client that they can fill the number of attorneys.

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No question so there was no need to answer.

Inspired Review

What makes for a good review experience?

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FTI Consulting

Have you done doc review before? If so which platforms have you used?

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I said I had experience using Relativity. Their main system is Ringtail. It's ok if you haven't used it, they train you. I hadn't and still got the job. Moins

Robert Half

What is the minimum hourly rate you will accept?

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I haven't been staffed on anything lower than $18/hr, however almost all the projects have been at that $18/hr, so do not expect much more, particularly if you are just starting your document review "career". Moins

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