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On a demandé à un Distribution Center Manager...4 mai 2022

Standard interview questions, very easy. Person interviewing me was very good and approachable.

Symbia Logistics

Asked about my order fulfillment and 3PL experience and why I left my former employer.

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Explained that my former employer was a micro-manager and I wouldn't put up with his abuse. My resume' clearly defines my 3PL and fulfillment leadership experience, but I described it to him anyway. Moins

Amarr Garage Doors

What is your management style?

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Coaching/laissez faire style. I prefer to let the more experienced staff dictate their everyday operations with coaching and guidance from me. Moins

Dealer Tire

They will ask about safety, goals, and past experience.

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Draw upon past experiences to show success and ability to manage multiple people and a variety of situations. Moins


2 sets of 4 Conflict Resolution Based Question. Name a time when.... Disappointing that this was all that the interview entailed as it does not allow them to gain insight to your experience and how you can help their business.

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Use the STAR method

TVH Parts Co.

Unorthodox. No set questions, more discussion based.

The TJX Companies, Inc.

What is your leadership style?

The TJX Companies, Inc.

What are three strengths?

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Tell me more about a time you had to make an unpopular decision ?


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