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On a demandé à un Distribution Center Manager...14 juin 2017

What experience do you have with KPI's?

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I have both created them and used them to both identify areas of opportunity and hold operations accountable for productivity. Moins

Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Would you be willing to manage a 24 hour operation?

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Yes, as long as it was split up between different managers.


Please create a profile

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How do I create a profile on your site?

Symbia Logistics

Asked about my order fulfillment and 3PL experience and why I left my former employer.

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Explained that my former employer was a micro-manager and I wouldn't put up with his abuse. My resume' clearly defines my 3PL and fulfillment leadership experience, but I described it to him anyway. Moins


2 sets of 4 Conflict Resolution Based Question. Name a time when.... Disappointing that this was all that the interview entailed as it does not allow them to gain insight to your experience and how you can help their business.

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Use the STAR method

Dealer Tire

They will ask about safety, goals, and past experience.

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Draw upon past experiences to show success and ability to manage multiple people and a variety of situations. Moins

Amarr Garage Doors

What is your management style?

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Coaching/laissez faire style. I prefer to let the more experienced staff dictate their everyday operations with coaching and guidance from me. Moins

Dosal Tobacco

What are some of the strengths you would bring with you since you have been in the industry for 10 years?

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My knowledge and understanding of competitive contracts, my contact knowledge in the industry, my work ethics and regiment, and organization skills. Moins


Describe a situation where you had to resolve a difficult situation. What techniques did you use, and what were the results?

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As a Team Lead, I’m always faced with difficult situations daily. For example, I’m in charge of training agents. When agents do not apply the techniques I teach, I always approach the agent to find out what is happening and how to find a solution to the problem. Moins

Boise Cascade

Just general background questions about your resume and if you could perform the job functions the position required. They asked why are you looking to leave your current job?

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I messed up and explained I was looking to leave the company I am currently with for several reasons which would benefit me. Companies want to hear how you are going to be a benefit to them, not how the company is going to benefit you. I have not interviewed in over 13 years, so you have to get familiar with what companies are looking for in answers to specific questions. Bottom line, stress how the company can benefit from hiring you and you can't go wrong. Moins

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