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Red Lobster
On a demandé à Dish Washer...15 juillet 2015

They asked me about my kitchen experience, and what was one thing I did in my last job to improve my efficiency.

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I was applying for dish washer and so I simply stated that I kept my space organized, focusing on keeping things that wash together in separate places. Moins


Can you be here for Mothers day?

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There was any. I usually try to stay on top of that.

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Shoreline Diner

Why do you wan the position of dish washer?

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I want to start from the bottom up to experience what everything is like from one of the bottom jobs to gain insight and appreciation of the job as a hole. Moins

Main Event

What are your qualities

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I am a team player always looking how to better my self I am outgoing friendly and easy to work under pressure Moins

Shari's Restaurants

What are you expecting to get from working here?

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that i was just expecting to learn the trade, move forward, and to be great with the people that worked there. Moins

Chili's Grill and Bar

she asked if I could come back to speak with the Area manager in 2 days.

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Of course I agreed and walked out hoping this interview will be just as comfortable. Moins

Delaware North

How do you deal with unsatisfied costumer

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Make them happy with comps

Garden Bar

They we’re all basic questions.

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Just talk about yoga.


How would you deal with food dropped on the floor

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Throw it

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