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Empower Pharmacy
On a demandé à un Director of Quality...29 novembre 2023

One our of primary goals for this role is [X]. How would you be able to help achieve this goal.

Veridos Matsoukis

What I would do in case I noticed something in a product that I wasn't certain if it is within specifications.


Basic questions were ask focused around responsibilities


How many team members are managed by me.

Avalere Health

how many years of experience with qa do you have

Frozen Beverage Dispensers

All questions were behavioral based


How do you handle underperforming employees?

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first by understanding where the problem lies. then set up a personal meeting with that employee, work out an action plan with set deadline and expectations. Do follow ups, to see how it goes. Moins

QuVa Pharma

Why are you interested in this role?


Typical "Tell me about a time when ..." that you would ask a QA Manager.


Tell me about a time.... Give me an example when.... Textbook stuff, no original ideas.

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