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On a demandé à un Senior Director, Professional Services...19 décembre 2017

basic PS questions proved that they dont know about PS and i could sense they were taking notes and recording my expert answers

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I am seasoned person in this field hence answered by giving them best practices. On the hind side I regret doing that as I just provided a fraud company some free consulting. Moins

Hi, Thank you for your feedback and I apologize that you had a negative experience interviewing with our firm. We aim for all candidates have a positive experience, regardless of hiring outcome. I can assure you the intention was not to steal your ideas. We like to have our HR person ask about relevant experience and assess the problem solving skills of candidates to determine suitability for the role. We appreciate your feedback and will incorporate it for future recruiting efforts. Feel free to contact me directly with any further questions/concerns. Kind regards, Conor O’Donoghue Moins

Check my LinkedIn profile and see what I don’t have or what I can do to help you scale and grow. Best part is that no chance was given to ask a question. Also it was scripted!!! Pretty lame. Moins

WorkForce Software

What do you know about Workforce

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I had read up on products/solutions on the web


Q: Tell us about how you work with local sales account managers?

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I told them that as the Prof Services lead, the account is there and that I work with the account team to achieve success. The account team knows more about the political environment than I would and the sale credits their numbers. It's a team effort. Moins


Give me an example of something that you had to overcome

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I just answered from expereience


Describe you most impressive professional accomplishment

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Described the biggest total solution sale that I closed and why it was so important to the company. Moins

RxLogix Corporation

How would you handle a compliance project? How would you handle fixed start in Microsoft Project Plan?

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Provided the project methodology for the first. However, wasn't sure of the second. Moins

WorkForce Software

I asked about the company culture

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She answered that it was a small company feel, very dynamic


The questions asked were focused on my professional services background: size and length of engagements, description of tough clients, how P/L was managed, KPIs tracked, etc.

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Questions were answered without hesitation. I believe they were looking for candidates with more Director level experience and with more experience with quote to cash sales automation SAAS software. Moins

CentralSquare Technologies

past experience leading services organizations

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my involvement with previous VISTA Equity owned company

Heartland Hospice

What drew me to hospice?

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I worked with hospice patients in a private duty setting 20 years ago and quickly realized it was what I was meant to do. Moins

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