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If you were asked by an important customer to promise a particular feature would be in an upcoming release, would you?

General career walkthrough, prioritization and stakeholder management questions, and industry knowledge.

Tell me about the product management practices you put into place in your last role...

I call into question the process. Part of the Job Requirements stated "People Manager experience required". Out of 20 points in the posting, I met or exceeded 19 out of 20 points (except for the People Manager experience). I had plenty of experience managing consultants and client staff as a Team lead, project manager and program manager. PointClickCare HR team found me on LinkedIn and gave me high marks through the first round of interview. In the second round, with the hiring manager - she ended the interview in 5 minutes because I was never a people manager. Wasted a lot of time preparing for the technology interview (which was with the hiring manager), as well as learning about the business.

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