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Spacelabs Healthcare
On a demandé à un Director of Manufacturing...16 novembre 2016

Each department head asked questions related to how their department interacted with this role. By the 5th and 6th interview, many of the open ended questions were repeat questions and a bit of a challenge to maintain the same level of enthusiasm as the first couple of times the question was asked. Questions were from A to Z and a bit of a challenge as many were based on what appeared to be based on past situations involving the position or previous leader behavior.

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I answered as truthful and direct as possible however I could tell by body language or follow-up questions that were asked that there was a lot more behind the curtain then what was being disclosed. Moins


professional skills and lodging

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SKILLS  CAD (3D modeling)  Revers engineering  Technical direction and product strategies  product & mold designer  AutoDesk Inventor  CNC manufacture machine  documentation ISO-TS AUTODESK MECHANICAL SOLIDWORKS RAPIDFORM Moins

Empower Pharmacy

What would be your goals for the group should you get offered this position.

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I answered that I would be aggressive in finding and training talent that will grow with the company. Moins

HTG Molecular

Work experience was a big key

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Gave honest assessment of my past experience.

Shaw Industries

Do you have any experience with SQL or VBA Macro building?

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I have a basic understanding off it and know that it involves pulling data from databases and I've only covered assignments in class over them, however I'm eager to learn a more hands-on-approach! Moins


How I would describe a project status page

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Pretty well. I had an example that I could share.


Forces/faiblesses, comment avez-vous géré une situation difficile, pourquoi devrions nous vous embaucher plutôt que quelqu'un d'autre?

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Toujours prouver son statement avec un exemple concret!


no questions were difficult

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answered them all

Boston Scientific

Why would you like to join the company?

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Products that have positive contribution to human life quality

Whirlpool Corporation

What is your strength?

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"Me and technology get along. I love the efficiency and speed at which information and ideas can travel between individuals and teams. My biggest strength is my ability to embrace ever changing technology and use it to accomplish goals easier and faster than ever before." Moins

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