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Klaus IT Solutions
On a demandé à un "Directeur Production, Distribution Et Service"...5 mars 2018

DHCP, Ticketing tool, communication skill, Networking skill, Network Printer, rdp port numbers, if the system is not connecting to rdp what you do, dns, and some basic technical questions.

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what ever i know i have answered to the questions.


.1)Essay Writing 2)JAM 3)TR 4)HR

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Unfortunately, im shortlisted to next round. In 2nd round you have to speak well. Moins

Young Innovations

Standard questions on my experience when I was able to actually answer the question

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They need to find people that can actually do phone screens. Very disorganized and extremely cocky. Based on my initial impression not a company I would work for Moins


What are the different OSI Layers ?

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Layer 7: The application layer Layer 6: The presentation layer Layer 5: The session layer Layer 4: The transport layer Layer 3: The network layer Layer 2: The data-link layer Layer 1: The physical layer Moins

MarVista Entertainment

There were no actual interview questions just the test.

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I took the test in the time allotted and waited for a reply.


What are your main strengths?

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Product development


With which Distribution I/T systems do you have experience?

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SAP WMS, SAP ERP, SAP R3, RedPrairie, MecuryGate, Manhattan Assoc. WMS, BAAN, WISE Moins

Cascade Windows

Why do you want to work here

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Fleet manager is the title for this job now


Typical. They go over about them. You dive into you.

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I’m awesome so...

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