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Samsung Engineering
On a demandé à un Contract Controller...2 janvier 2013

You will work only for us to get an Entry Level experience, do you?

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No, I usually tend to stay long to any organization I am into unless there are compelling reasons to leave. Moins

Plz i love this company its nice and good company I want a job i know English very good i now data entry Moins


Can you travel extensively throughout the US?

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Greencells Group

Are you sure you want to do this project?

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All projects are challenging and I am used to working with different cultures

Department for Work And Pensions

Did I know a certain individual

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Yes I did


How do advise operations regarding out of scope tasking from client?

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Provide notice, discuss options, potentially submit REA


Why are you looking to leave your current job?

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I wasn't. You called me and I would be foolish not to take this as far as we both can. Moins

Ingram Micro

Why do i want this job

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I said i was meticulous and i can handle numbers well.


Heb je ervaring in deze business en functie

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Very standard questions were asked - no real curve balls.

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The CEO was easy to talk to and made me comfortable to share my vision for what I offered the positions. Moins


Can you meet with C-Levels, provide an example of a project update to a C-Level?

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Provided scenario from past and discussed at length.

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