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On a demandé à un Director, Continuous Improvement...29 avril 2019

We discussed background questions and experience. We then moved to cover a little about the company, team, history, role, budget, and expectations for the coming year. Touch on agile and effective practices and how to identify suitable projects that leads to significant savings.

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The answers were the typical replies given by folks with the experience and skills need to make leadership position successful. Moins


Do you have any samples of the Continuous Improvement class that you developed for your current employer?

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No. This material is proprietary and will take some time to get approved before I am able to share with an outside party. The interviewer's response was that I should have been prepared with these materials because now instead of being able to show him what I had worked on, I was now going to have to tell him which was not as effective. Moins


Please provide insight into a customer situation and how you resolved it.

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Provided the situation, what the concern was, what was done as a short term solution, what the long term solution was and regular progress calls with the customer to keep them in them engaged. This not only addressed the immediate concerns, but helped build a 1:1 relationship and changed the sales relationship from trying to sell to a customer to a customer that wanted to buy more of our products. Moins


Resume questions, some behavioural, leadership type questions, little technical questions

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Tell me about your work at Company x


They asked how I motivated people to take an active role in Lean activities.

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It depends on the person; early adopters, old curmudgeons differ in method.


Explain in detail a Six Sigma Project that you led

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Explained in detail the five steps DMAIC with the tools used.

Enerpac Tool Group

Why do you want to work here.

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Absurd question for a company that made me drive through a snow storm and didn't have the courtesy to show up. Moins

NYU (New York University)

Do you use the continuous improvement process in your current role?

NYU (New York University)

Do you have a background in an academic institution?


Give an instance on how you influenced a senior executive to adopt the Continuous Improvement program

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