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What do fund accountants usually look at to determine whether a fund is doing well or not?

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profit & loss reports


Profit and amp; loss report

If you found a number that is wrong, what are some reasons do you think there could be for that mistake to happen?

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why do you choose the audit?

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-Your suitability for this role depends entirely on aforementioned 8 minute quiz so don't spend too much time preparing for an interview or polishing your CV -My related Air Force experience doesn't matter either (Vets be forewarned)

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What's your career goal?

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All of the questions were stereotypical behavioral questions. None were really something that you should be unprepared for in an interview.

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Are you comfortable working with managers, foreman?

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Describe your experience working in a team. Did you encourage everybody to work together or decide to take matters into your own hands?

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How would you deal with an unreasonable assignment?

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