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Asahi UK
On a demandé à un Accountant...2 octobre 2023

what is your biggest achievement in 3 years


What qualification are you going o get if you get in

Matalan Retail

Generic questions for a job interview and STAR-type questions asked. I.E Where do you see yourself in five years time? How would you deal with a difficult situation at work?

Department for Work And Pensions

Test focusing on shift questions


How do you multi task?

Florida Blue

Standard questions, fairly impersonal/not conversational. Panel took turns reading questions from a list. "Tell us about a time you had to produce work under a deadline", "Tell us about a time you had a conflict with a co-worker", etc. Nothing remotely technical.

EA Education Group

job experience and your career goal


Have you heard of any recent news about the company? How would you contribute to the success of the company?


The most memorable question asked was, "who is your favorite comedian"

Porch Group

Never received any questions as employer did not connect to scheduled interview or respond to subsequent inquiries.

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