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On a demandé à un IT Chief Technology Officer Summer...23 janvier 2021

there were no interview questions only a model i had to present

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I used a past project and tuned it up

Credit Suisse

Describe an important achievement

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Described the challenge (current state), actions to correct and quantified result or impact Moins


No questions relating to the position

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The hiring manager failed to ask any insightful questions. It was up to me as the candidate to carry the conversation. Moins

Cisco Systems

Nothing out of the ordinary

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not applicable

Magneti Marelli

The questions were standard interview questions and as well as technical. The director seemed to focus on specific areas of the role and not the entire role when trying to ensure that I had the necessary experience.

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I answered the questions as best as possible with specific examples to show how I have the experience. Moins

Rexel Group

Que pensez vous pouvoir apporter au poste?

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Description des expériences passées et des compétences acquises.

Intel Corporation

Mainly behavioural questions as this position requires numerous skills of communication, time management, requirements analysis, problems specification...

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Tell them about how you solve issues in your previous jobs.

Rexel Group

Qu'est ce qui vous motive pour rejoindre l'entreprise?

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Fort développement des ventes en ligne, omnicanal, digitalisation

Rexel Group

Pourquoi quittez vous votre poste actuel?

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Recherche d'un nouveau challenge.

Essintial Enterprise Solutions

Would I consider eventually relocating from my place in Richmond VA area.

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It would be a while before I could or would consider and it would be dependent on who the job was going. I did end up relocating about 1 1/2 after acceptance of the position. Moins

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