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Manassas Park City Schools
On a demandé à un Directeur Logistique Centre Et Rhône-Alpes...10 juin 2013

How would you implement a reading program, inclusion or pullout; discuss how you would justify your rationale and give examples from your work experiences. this was not difficult to me, it was just the most difficult of the ones asked.

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I would use an eclectic combination of both, as each learner needs are different. Pull out instruction works best for students who have distractibility issues and severe learning disabilities. It offers more 1-1 tutoring and intervention methods. Inclusion allows the student to have exposure to regular classroom content and also provides whole group instruction in the regular classroom for reading strategies and other intervention methodology to be modeled for all learners and facilitators. Moins


Q: Walk through resume/past experiences. Q: List 3 qualities that you have that make you a good candidate. Q: Why do you want to work at BDO/This career/This position?

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The three qualities I answered were pretty standard, but I totally fumbled one of them. Communication and quick learning were the two I spoke well to, and I tried to do something neat with a new definition on Trust I'd learned, but screwed that up. I think I did really well with why I want to work for BDO, because I really wanted the position and spoke to how BDO is unique from the other large firms in its engagement length, team sizes, individual responsibility etc. and that I excel and find the most satisfaction in that environment. Moins

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Q : Quel est le pays imaginable pour de l'outsourcing de qualité ?


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