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Husqvarna Group
On a demandé à Head of Digital...4 février 2018

Are you aware that your will be required to move to Husqvarna?

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Yes, I am exited and look lots of opportunities here

No, the recruiter told me that this position is located in Stockholm.


No specific questions asked

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It was more of a get to know each other and would we be comfortable working with each other kind of interview. We did this over lunch. Moins


Tell me your weaknesses

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On answering with two genuine job related weaknesses, he kept asking for more and more. Moins


Was sind Ihre Gehaltsvorstellungen?

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Was ist Ihnen diese Stelle wert?


What would you do in first 3 months

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With a 3 month plan of action


What was the biggest challenge I had in my carreer

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I told them about the challenge of growing my department from 30 to 90 people

Economy Energy

Experience and what I could bring..... And was I up to the challenge

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I asked to build my Digital empire

Dal Group

How will you convince old men like the owners and myself to invest time and money in your projects.

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I will convince you with a super presentation where I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of my proposition in plain english and supported with numbers. Moins

Tata AIA Life

about digital marketing and technologies under its umbrella

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