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The Home Depot
On a demandé à un Department Supervisor...12 décembre 2011

Would you place blame on underlings for not completing a task, or take personal responsibility for their failure?

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As the Supervisor, it is your job to lead , educate and direct your employees. But the key is communication and follow up to ensure the assigned task were completed timely. Moins

As a supervisor, accountability is of the upmost importance. As such, I would hold myself accountable for any existing inefficiencies, staff development, or training, that may have contributed to the failure and would hold the staff accountable for failing to complete assigned task. Moins

As a leader it's my job to communicate with employees to get the best of there ability not to make them feel useless Moins

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Toys "R" Us

Work back ground and if I wanted to have kids

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I told them my work history and yes I want kids

Do you want kids...that is a direct violation of the EEOC. A business can not ask if you want kids, if you plan to have kids, or if you have kids. They can't ask if your married. All ileagal to ask. Moins

Home Depot Canada

Name a specific time where you have motivated your staff to do something.

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Regardless the question warrants an answer. With years of experience you should have an answer. You could remind the associate of the benefits to their job and how important it is to the greater good. Moins

If you have any years of supervisory experience, 1 specific time doesn't really stand out. They should be looking for your management style... Moins

Lowe's Home Improvement

First question was will you work nights and weekends?

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I responded by explaining my professional and educational experience and qualifications relative to the available position. Moins

I interview a job position like they interview the potential candidate. If I see a lack of professionalism that will be a job offer declined, and I will look elsewhere. You are already seeing what you would deal with on a daily business and professional level. Moins

Family Rescue

Why do you want to work here?

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I am passionate about the cause.

Toys "R" Us

Nothing ou of the ordinary

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Nothing was weird

Toys "R" Us

I don't remember, but it was very centric around selling merchandise. I figure if I can recruit and sell a corporation I can BS and sell a swaddle.

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Stick to offering lines of credit and focusing on how things would make a great gift. Moins

Toys "R" Us

How have you previously lead a team

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Used previous work experience as reference

DJ's Landscape Management

Previous experience.

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Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

Describe a quality customer experience.

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Friendly store atmosphere is most important in my opinion. Store presentation is also just as important ( clean, neat, organized, monthly planner up to date on seasonal merchandise). No employee should ever be to busy to answer a customers question. My experience in retail management, has thought me if you are friendly with your customers and treat them like your friend or family, those customers will stay loyal to you and you business Moins

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