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On a demandé à un Sports Department Manager...26 janvier 2023

What sports am I passionate in?

Morgan Stanley

What can the company give you in regards this occupation?


Why Nordstrom? Tell Me about a Time where you delighted a customer by providing great service? Digital sales = important. Do you adapt to new technology?


They asked about my past work experience

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I told them my work experience

HUB International

Why was I looking for a new career opportunity

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I answered with honesty regarding my needs for a change.


Give an example of me using Time management


Give an example of me using Time management

Festival Foods

What made festival foods stand out to work at.

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I liked the modern feel of the company


Explain a situations you had to overcome, how were you able to overcome it? Be specific.


What crafts and hobby’s did I do? How and why I choose to work in retail?

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