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The North West Company
On a demandé à un Department Manager...1 septembre 2021

Comfort with living in remote area in Canada's Northern communities

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I have personal experience with living in remote communities in Canada, and have worked in numerous locations several hours from closest services. Moins



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Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

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I special ordered items that customers have been asking for.

Do anything in my power to help satisfy the customer because they are right

I will go out of my way to make sure that a customer has a smile on their face and the product they need Moins

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Why burberry?

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I want to work here to further enrich my future and work efficiency

I have previously worked with Calvin Klein jeans, French connection UK, Mercedes Benz and marina home interior these all were luxury brands and burberry is know as a luxury brand and I would wish to work with this brand as it also teaches a lot of fashion knowledge Moins

Read about the company heritage and current market position.

Lowe's Home Improvement

No difficult questions. They will be focused on customer service, so have stories ready to tell about actual situations you have been in. For example, you will be asked if you encounter a dissatisfied customer how you will handle the situation. Always answer the question with a story, don't try to make something up. Don't answer with " this is how I would handle it", answer with " this is how I handled it and tell your story.

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my name is surender sharma

Neiman Marcus

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

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What are your salary expectations?

I see my self as a store manager

I can see myself using my knowledge and applying it towards the company

Lowe's Home Improvement

Tell me about a time you put together a plan for a project or work assignment.

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While I was a sheet metal mechanic my boss asked me to come up with a plan and schedule to install 14 6' diameter exhaust fans. I started by recruiting 4 dependable guys I knew would help and not hinder the install. I decided to hang the fans using a series of chain falls to lift the fans and pull them into place at the same time. After we had the fan in place we fastened it with bolts to the side of the filter house and hung it from 1/2 " threaded rod. Complete success. Moins

When i worked construction

As Csa 4 I was feeling in as a department manager while he was on vCation we had numerous resets where do I left specific assignments to do why I wasn't there and verified when I came back to work to make sure we meet I deadline Moins

Arrowhead Pooper Scoopers

how have dogs and cats impacted ur life? How have those schemes changed on to? How u growe b better people

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Dog is better of me

Make my moody to happy

Make my moody to happy

RDO Equipment Co.

If you were asked to do somthing that you considered immoral or unethical by your direct supervisor how would you handle it. Have ever had this happen and how did you handle it . Describe in detail step by step the action you took to resolve the situation.

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I would simply tell the person I can not follow through with this request, even if it meant limiting my ability to move up or getting fired. Honest &transparent is the only way to conduct business. Moins

I brought the subject of my concerns to my direct supervisor . I expalined how I viewed the situation and asked if there was other variables that would change my outlook. He told me to do as I was told or he would have someone else do it. I told him I disageed with the decision. I went to the store manager and we all sat down to talk abou the situation . The store manger agreed with my view of the situation and asked my manger to handle it correctly even if it meant losing money on this deal . Moins


what were the negative issues raised from your last companies performance review.

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be honest as they will question how you are addressing them and silence or being unprepared will tend to sound 'made up' Moins

Lowe's Home Improvement

Describe what an aisle should look like on opening day of a new store.

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Mention clean displays, fronted merchandise, clean and legible labels. Mention knowledgeable associates in the aisles to help customers. Moins

Look down the isle from top to bottom, check top stock, make sure shelves are stocked, J hooks are filled, side caps are visible, floor is clean. Moins

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