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Affinity Solutions
On a demandé à un Service Delivery Manager...21 juin 2022

Os maiores desafios enfrentados na sua carreira e como você lidou com estes.


How would you improve the communications between business partners in regards to IT project.


Mostly Questions on different practical situations.

Pizza Hut

como estas, que, cual, cuando

Pizza Hut

como estas, cuantos anos tiene, de donde eres


I was required to submit a writing sample prior to the interview. No feedback was provided.


Why do you want to switch? A case study based on basic project management skills. Why Infilect?

Full Potential Solutions

Agile specific - how we can have deliveries without spilling stories

Tabush Consulting Group

They asked to describe my experience building and leading a technical team.

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I described my extensive experience in this area

Six Degrees Group

I was asked to describe my approach to service reviews with customers, with specific questions regarding the kind of content I would use.

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