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On a demandé à un Debt Collector...27 juin 2012

what kind of technology is used

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out of date severely under powered computers


What are you looking for in a position?

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Company to grow with and a chance for advancement.

Turned on more of the company which is with computer skills

Company to grow with and a chance to advancement. And learn other skills

Firstsource Advantage

Can you handle angry customers

2 réponses

Of course

Up to a certain point, as I will be dealing with them on multiple occasions throughout the day. I would hit the 'mute' button until he/she have calmed down. Moins

GC Services

Have you ever been a debt collector before?

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Why did you leave your last job?

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I wanted more advancement opportunities and I have heard that this company offers that to dedicated workers. Moins


How well do you handle angry customers

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I let them know I can only help I they let me.

Green Tree Servicing

How do you handle a difficult customer refusing to pay?

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Best way you know how, buddy. Negotiate

Franklin Collection Service

Are you sure you can handle this job?

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I will get better as I go.

National Enterprise Systems

Do you have any sales experience or precious collections experience.

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National Credit Adjusters

How well do you work under pressure?

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I actually prefer to work under pressure.

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