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He just asked me to introduce myself...

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I explained my background and education...

Past projects

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NLP challenge about finding semantic similarity of some 121 tweeter tags.

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There was a univariate weekly data (Frequency: 361) they need forecasting for next 365 days. _ You must recommend two different models _You should test their residuals _You should do decomposition The director asked lots of details like which methods R is using to do forecasting in STL decomposition approach! he is going to challenge you as much as he can .

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Why did you apply for this job? Tell me about a time where you had a conflict with a co-worker. What is your main weakness (personality-wise, not job-wise)? Technical questions: they told me about scenarios related to data science, and asked me what I would do (those questions were tough).

a case interview about an app like uber. the company want to develop the waterloo market. what need to consider?

How much are you familiar with tensorflow?

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1st round: probability, SQL coding, general analysis process. 2nd round: algorithm and general analysis process on Facebook specific scenario.

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